Monday, 11 March 2013

Photo Shoot Fun!

Transformation. My dress photo shoot!

 This is my design, and i made it all by myself, for my project Transformation
I looked at time and clogs.

These are some of the photos, my personal favourites, hope you like.

who so serious?  so beautiful!

strike a pose.

A close-up, you can see all the detail and how much work was put into it here.

another gorgeous pose!

Although my dress looks amazing and is exactly how i imagined i'm so glad to see the back of it.
on too the next project! 
A designer never sleeps, haha!
My gorgeous friend Paris Darknell, modelled my dress for me, she looks amazing!
it went really well.

Friday, 1 March 2013

My fav at fashion week. LONDON'13

London Fashion week, My fav!

OMG! I am completely obsessed with Jena Theo's collection.
so inspirational! I love all the bold prints and dramatic shapes!
All the materials and colours work so well together.
The print is amazing, i'm a real sucker for a bold print, so this is right up my street..

                              Take a look at the whole collection and catwalk show HERE.


I've been stitching my life away.

I've been putting my dress together the last coupe of weeks.
So heres how its going so far..

So after pattern cutting i started with my toile.

This is whats across the bodice of the dress. I'm surprised that is worked so well, as this was my first time screen printing, No accidents or injuries, haha! And i managed to not cover myself and clothes with ink. This is a first! 

I created this screen print based on "Time and Transformation" Using metallic acrylic. so for so good!!

I've added some cogs and bits from inside clock. Doing this was so time consuming and tricky.
A few naughty words past my lips, haha! 
But all the pain and stress was worth it cause its looking fab!

Thursday, 28 February 2013

University Interview Outfit. ahh!

So this is the outfit i wore for my Fashion design interview, for Rochester UCA. I loved it there!.. so fingers crossed. 

So back to my outfit... Polka dot dress from Topshop. I love this dress its fun and flirty but can be styled up to be so fierce. Primarni leather look biker jacket. This has become a huge favourite of mine, its so versatile and right on trend! My Roller bowler hat also form Topshop, add this hat to almost any outfit and it instantly gives it attitude.  The fur collar. OMG! I have worn this to death, i just love it with almost everything! (faux fur btw) its from ebay... I finished the outfit off with some black patterned tights with some killer platform black ankle boots.